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Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
and the tree right now. >>> still ahead on the news edge six, the world is watching syria tonight. growing concerns over the country's chemical weapons and whether they're ready to be fired. very scary here. >> and then a bizarre turn of events. a hospital guru hospitalized after weeks on the run. scott, what is coming up in sports? >> one of the nfl's all-time interceptions leaders is not to be feared, says rg3. a look ahead at the skins and ravens and reid and the burgandy and gold defense. are things starting to click? the skins report is coming up. will. will. . >> thank you, scott. we'll be back in just a moment. again, another look at the national christmas tree lighting. lighting. you won't take my life.. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ ♪ aids is going
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
at 6, a u.s. journalist and his team make a daring escape after being held hostage in syria. the details are coming your way as we continue. and what is ahead in the forecast. >> we hope the winds will settle down later. and at this hour, they're still gusting to 30 as colder air comes rolling back into town. i will let you know what to expect for your wednesday. scott, what are you working on in sports? >> the ride skins concerns will be on the quarterback to the guys protecting that, the injuries to the offensive line may mean a shuffling to the bodies up front. details are ahead in the sports edge.  . >>> a new sense of urgency. we'll look inside. >>> and a lot of interesting things while riding on the subway. you have ever seen a piano board? there you go. i thought i saw it all. jesse got on the train with her owners and needless to say, everyone was surprised. some even took pictures of the pony with the cameras. or video like this one and didn't seem to mind it at all. speculating that the pony belongs to a circus. why it's on the train ismy
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2